District Councillors

District Councillors are elected by the community to decide how the council should carry out its various activities. They represent public interest as well as individuals living within the ward in which he or she has been elected to serve a term of office.

They have regular contact with the general public through council meetings, telephone calls or surgeries.

Councillors are not paid a salary for their work, but they do receive allowances. By law, all members of the Council are required to complete a declaration of interest form, the details of which are published annually.

To find your councillor please use the below links:

Photograph Councillor Political party Ward
photo of Councillor Allan Armstrong

Councillor Allan Armstrong

Old Byre, Roger Head, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria, CA16 6AD

Home mobile: 07718000680

Work: allan.armstrong@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Long Marton
photo of Councillor Colin Atkinson

Councillor Colin Atkinson

Cherry Tree House, Skelton, Penrith, CA11 9SE

Home: 01768 484486

Work: colin.atkinson@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Skelton
photo of Councillor Peter Baker

Councillor Peter Baker

1 Mulberry Gardens, Beacon Edge, Penrith, CA11 8FZ

Home mobile: 07999777609

Work: Peter.baker@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Penrith Pategill
photo of Councillor Douglas Banks

Councillor Douglas Banks

Chair of the Council

The New Mill, Langwathby, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 1NJ

Home: 01768881631

Work: douglas.banks@eden.gov.uk

Independent Alliance Group Langwathby
photo of Councillor Raymond Briggs

Councillor Raymond Briggs

6 Crossfell View, Hackthorpe, Penrith, CA10 2HU

Home: 07788 572820

Work: raymond.briggs@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Hartside
photo of Councillor Roger Burgin

Councillor Roger Burgin

4 Greenacres Park, Plumpton, Penrith, CA11 9PB

Home: 01768 894107

Work: roger.burgin@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Penrith West
photo of Councillor Ian Chambers

Councillor Ian Chambers

The Bungalow, The Croft, Tirril, Penrith, CA10 2JW

Home: 01768863075

Work: ian.chambers@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Eamont
photo of Councillor Margaret Clark

Councillor Margaret Clark

Leader of the Independent Group

38 Castle Hill, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7HA

Home mobile: 07732704133

Work: margaret.clark@eden.gov.uk

Independent Group Penrith South
photo of Councillor Andrew Connell

Councillor Andrew Connell

11 Mill Hill, Appleby, Cumbria, CA16 6UR

Home mobile: 07817754612

Work: andrew.connell@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Appleby (Bongate)
photo of Councillor Judith Derbyshire

Councillor Judith Derbyshire

Housing and Health Portfolio Holder

Sycamore House, Stainton, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0EP

Home mobile: 07751010131

Work: judith.derbyshire@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Dacre
photo of Councillor Phil Dew

Councillor Phil Dew

Westoe, Rowgate, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4SR

Home: 01768 372898

Home mobile: 07768817670

Work: phil.dew@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Kirkby Stephen
photo of Councillor Michael Denis Eyles

Councillor Michael Denis Eyles

Vice Chair of the Council

11 Brent Road, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8ES

Home: 01768895052

Work: michael.eyles@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Penrith East
photo of Councillor Helen Fearon

Councillor Helen Fearon

59 Wordsworth Street, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7QY

Home: 07825 203248

Conservative Group Penrith South
photo of Councillor Karen Greenwood

Councillor Karen Greenwood

Resources Portfolio Holder

6 Main Street, Kirkby Thore, Penrith, CA10 1UY

Home: 01768362831

Work: karen.greenwood@eden.gov.uk

Independent Alliance Group Appleby (Appleby)
photo of Councillor Michael Hanley

Councillor Michael Hanley

1 South Loaning House, Alston, Cumbria, CA9 3JZ

Home: 01434 382575

Work: michael.hanley@eden.gov.uk

Labour Group Alston Moor
photo of Councillor Laura Harker

Councillor Laura Harker

11 Green Croft, Askham, Penrith, CA10 2PJ

Home: 01931712168

Work: laura.harker@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Askham
photo of Councillor Deb Holden

Councillor Deb Holden

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group

The Beeches, Graham Street, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9LE

Home: 01768201146

Work: deb.holden@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Penrith North
photo of Councillor Sandy Lancaster

Councillor Sandy Lancaster

14 The Crescent, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, CA17 4AF

Home: 017683 72760

Work: sandy.lancaster@eden.gov.uk

Independent Group Kirkby Stephen
photo of Councillor Doug Lawson

Councillor Doug Lawson

Barley Barn, 3 Low House Farm Barns, Penrith, CA11 9NZ

Home: 01768 753035

Home mobile: 07969481508

Work: doug.lawson@eden.gov.uk

Green Group Penrith Carleton
photo of Councillor John Charles Lynch

Councillor John Charles Lynch

11 Barco Terrace, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 8NB

Home mobile: 07776028916

Work: john.lynch@eden.gov.uk

Independent Penrith East
photo of Councillor Elaine Martin

Councillor Elaine Martin

Boggle Hall, Plumpton, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 9NP

Home mobile: 07511844842

Work: elaine.martin@eden.gov.uk

Independent Hesket
photo of Councillor Neil McCall

Councillor Neil McCall

Glebe House, Silver Street, Crosby Ravensworth, Penrith, CA10 3JA

Home: 01931 715950

Work: neil.mccall@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Shap
photo of Councillor Angela Meadowcroft

Councillor Angela Meadowcroft

21 Highfield, Tebay, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 3TJ

Home mobile: 07791187713

Work: angela.meadowcroft@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Ravenstonedale
photo of Councillor Gordon Nicolson OBE

Councillor Gordon Nicolson OBE

12 Lamb Lea, Lazonby, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 1BB

Home: 01768 898387

Work: gordon.nicolson@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Lazonby
photo of Councillor William Patterson

Councillor William Patterson

George Gill House, Coupland Beck, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria, CA16 6LN

Home mobile: 07718584323

Work: william.patterson@eden.gov.uk

Independent Alliance Group Warcop
photo of Councillor Joan Raine

Councillor Joan Raine

Dalefoot, Crosby Ravensworth, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 3HY

Home: 01931715351

Work: joan.raine@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Crosby Ravensworth
photo of Councillor Mary Robinson

Councillor Mary Robinson

Deputy Leader of the Council, Economies and Enterprise Portfolio Holder, Leader of the Independent Alliance Group

Gillside, Newbiggin, Brampton, Cumbria, CA8 9DH

Home mobile: 07377623199

Work: mary.robinson@eden.gov.uk

Independent Alliance Group Kirkoswald
photo of Councillor Ali Ross

Councillor Ali Ross

Leader of the Green Group

Fell Cottage, Matterdale End, Penrith, CA11 0LF

Home mobile: 07769554715

Work: ali.ross@eden.gov.uk

Green Group Penrith North
photo of Councillor Mark Rudhall

Councillor Mark Rudhall

Green Growth Portfolio Holder

7 Wordsworth Terrace, Penrith, CA11 7QT

Home mobile: 07521295468

Work: mark.rudhall@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Penrith North
photo of Councillor David Ryland

Councillor David Ryland

Hazel Cottage, Armathwaite, Cumbria, CA4 9PG

Work: 07867 564776

Work: david.ryland@eden.gov.uk

Independent Group Hesket
photo of Councillor Henry Sawrey-Cookson

Councillor Henry Sawrey-Cookson

Newbiggin Hall, Temple Sowerby, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 1TB

Home: 01768361574

Work: henry.sawrey-cookson@eden.gov.uk

Independent Group Kirkby Thore
photo of Councillor Lissie Sharp

Councillor Lissie Sharp

Communities Portfolio Holder, Leader of the Labour Group

13 Force Cottages, Station Road, Alston, Cumbria, CA9 3JX

Home: 01434382429

Work: lissie.sharp@eden.gov.uk

Labour Group Alston Moor
photo of Councillor Graham Simpkins

Councillor Graham Simpkins

Longway, New Road, Brough, Kirkby Stephen, CA17 4AS

Home: 01768 342345

Work: graham.simpkins@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Brough
photo of Councillor Darrell Smith

Councillor Darrell Smith

Nook Cottage, Askham, Penrith, CA10 2PG

Home: 01931712936

Home mobile: 07846920243

Work: darrell.smith@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Ullswater
photo of Councillor Dr Virginia Taylor

Councillor Dr Virginia Taylor

Leader of the Council

Page Hall, Foster Street, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7PD

Home mobile: 07977961563

Work: virginia.taylor@eden.gov.uk

Liberal Democrat Group Penrith West
photo of Councillor Adrian Todd

Councillor Adrian Todd

Honeypot House, Gaisgill, Cumbria, CA10 3UA

Home mobile: 07788420365

Work: adrian.todd@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Orton With Tebay
photo of Councillor Michael Tonkin

Councillor Michael Tonkin

Services Portfolio Holder

Farthing Cottage, Sleagill, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 3HD

Home: 01931714094

Work: mike.tonkin@eden.gov.uk

Independent Alliance Group Morland
photo of Councillor Debra Wicks

Councillor Debra Wicks

Leader of the Conservative Group

Town Hall, Corney Square, Penrith, CA11 7QF

Home: 01768 896837

Work: debra.wicks@eden.gov.uk

Conservative Group Greystoke