Executive post

Communities Portfolio Holder


The general roles and responsibilities of each individual Member of the Executive are as follows:


a)    To provide pro-active political leadership for the designated functions and services of the Council set out in the allocated portfolio

b)    To exercise any delegated powers and make decisions in respect of the relevant portfolio area to the extent authorised to do so by the leader under this scheme of delegation

c)    To have responsibility for, initiative and promote policies and programmes in respect of the allocated portfolio both within the Council and externally

d)    To present and consult on the Council’s policies in respect of the allocated portfolio within the District to Councillors and interested parties, both directly and through appropriate media


Deputy Leader of the Council and Communities Portfolio Holder


The Deputy Leader of the Council shall exercise the following powers and duties:


a)    Deputising for the leader in his absence

b)    Chairing executive meetings in the absence of the Leader

c)    Acting as the Council’s spokesperson on all key corporate issues, consistent with the Council’s overall policy and budgetary framework, in the absence of the Leader

d)    Holding, leading or assisting on any portfolio which the Leader may allocate


Areas of Responsibly as Communities Portfolio Holder:


  • Community engagement, resilience and empowerment.
  • Community development activities.
  • Community safety, crime and disorder.
  • Distribution of community grants.
  • Sports, recreation and leisure.
  • Parks and open spaces.
  • Children and young people.
  • Older person services.
  • Armed Forces Covenant.
  • Work with third sector organisations.
  • Paris and Town Council engagement.


Post is held by