Agenda item

Questions and Representations from the Public

To receive questions and representations from the public under Rule 5 of the Cabinet (Executive) Procedure Rules of the Constitution



Councillor Jonathan Davies submitted the following question under Rule 5 of the Cabinet (Executive) Procedure Rules of the Constitution:


Given the growing cost of living crisis with rising costs for food and heating that is already impacting many and will further impact a growing number of families and individuals this winter.


With many facing the decision of keeping warm or eating as many more are forced to turn to the support of food banks and many communities are looking to create warm spaces to help those unable to heat their homes this winter due to the spiralling costs of energy.


Does the leader and council agree that government and councils should act responsibility and ensure that they conduct their business reflective of the impacts the cost of living crisis is having on the community and focus on supporting the community.


The Leader responded as follows:


Yes, in conjunction with our existing statutory responsibilities and corporate priorities, especially towards the sustainability of the economy and environment.


Councillor Jonathan Davies asked the following supplementary question:


Residents across Eden are facing the most challenging times in decades with the cost of living crisis and the energy crisis and the rising mortgage payments, they are being stretched financially beyond breaking point. Does the Leader and indeed the rest of the Cabinet, feel it is right and appropriate that Eden Council should be holding a black tie three course dinner with wine to quote the Council’s own statement on the dinner event, to apparently celebrate the success of the Council over the past few decades ahead of the changeover to a new combined authority in 2023. Just a fact check for the Council’s Communications it is actually a unitary not a combined authority as the statement says on the Council’s Facebook. To celebrate the success of this Council over the last few years will at best be a short list, maybe a list of the Council’s failures will be a more appropriate offering, I can help with a great list.


But to hold a black tie three course dinner event by Eden Council at a time when families across Eden are facing a decisions of eating a meal or heating their homes. It is inappropriate, or deplorable, or even a repugnant slap in the face by Eden Council, and this administration, for the people of Eden, showing just how disconnected the Council is for the situation faced by many.


To quote Councillor Rudhall, who is unfortunately not hear this evening, in a recent social media post he made on the actual cost of living and energy crisis and the actions of other Councillors, Councillors need to get their priorities straight, I found myself agreeing with that statement.


Could I ask the leader and the Cabinet do they agree that they need to get their priorities right and to cancel the show of self-gratifying gratitude on the 11th with the three course dinner they had planned.


The Leader stated that she would provide a written response.