Council - Thursday, 24th November, 2022 6.45 pm

Venue: The Council Chamber, Town Hall, Corney Place, Penrith, CA11 7QF

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of the existence and nature of any private interests, both disclosable pecuniary and any other registrable interests, in any matter to be considered or being considered.




RECOMMENDATION: that the public minutes Cl117/09/22 to Cl/127/09/22 of the meeting of Council held on the 22nd September 2022 be confirmed and signed as a correct record of those proceedings.


Chair's Announcements


Questions by the Public

To receive questions from the public under Rule 10 of the Constitution.



Questions by Members

To receive questions from Members under Rule 12 of the Constitution.



Motions on Notice

To consider motions on notice under Rule 13 of the Constitution.



Allocation of Seats on Committees and Working Groups pdf icon PDF 240 KB

Please note: this report will be sent to follow.

Additional documents:


Single Site Programme pdf icon PDF 250 KB

To consider report no: DCE55/22 of the Deputy Chief Executive and Interim Director of Resources, which seeks to provide an update on the construction programme for Voreda House and to identify funding for its completion.




It is recommended that Council:


1.    Notes progress on the delivery of the key project objectives.


2.    Approves the variation in the capital programme to enable the completion   of the project as detailed in section 8.3 of the report.


3. Approves the amendment in funding as set out in 8.5 of the report.


Leisure Contract Pressures pdf icon PDF 136 KB

To consider report no: DoR91/22 of the Interim Director of Resources, which seeks to consider pressures identified by Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) and consider making an additional one off payment to support them given the significant additional energy costs they have borne due the current economic circumstances.




It is recommended that the Council:


1.    Approves a one off payment of £325,000 to GLL, in recognition of the additional energy costs that they have borne in 2022/23.


2.    The additional payment to be funded by a combination of earmarked reserve (£200k) and general reserve (£125k).


Q4 2021/2022 Revenue and Capital Slippage pdf icon PDF 244 KB

To consider report no: DoR87/22 of the Interim Director of Resources, which seeks that Council approve the slippage in Revenue and Capital budgets from 2021-22 to 2022-23.




The Council is recommended to:


1.    Approve the slippage of Revenue budgets of £206k from 21/22 to 22/23 as set out in Section 3.5 and endorsed by Cabinet.


2.    Approve the slippage of Capital budgets of £1,355k from 21/22 to 22/23 as set out in Section 3.11 and endorsed by Cabinet.


Date of Next Scheduled Meeting

The next scheduled meeting of Council be confirmed as