Budget Meeting, Council
Thursday, 14th February, 2019 6.45 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Penrith

No. Item


Apologies for Absence


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of the existence and nature of any private interests, both disclosable pecuniary and any other registrable interests, in any matter to be considered or being considered.




RECOMMENDATION that the public minutes Cl/47/11/18 to Cl/59/11/18

of the meeting of Council held on 8 November 2018 be confirmed and signed by the Chairman as a correct record of those proceedings (copies previously circulated).


Chairman's Announcements


Questions by the Public

To receive questions from the public under Rule 10 of the Constitution



Questions by Members

To receive questions from Members under Rule 12 of the Constitution



Motions on Notice pdf icon PDF 33 KB

To consider motions on notice under Rule 13 of the Constitution



Annual Review of the Treasury Management and Capital Strategy - Resources Portfolio Holder pdf icon PDF 186 KB

To consider report F6/19 of the Director of Finance which sets out and seeks approval for the Treasury Management and Capital Strategy for 2019-2020, the Prudential Indicators for years 2018-2022 and the Minimum Revenue Provision Statement for 2019-2020.



1.         the 2019-2020 Treasury Management and Capital Strategy Statement, as detailed in section 3, including the Minimum Revenue Provision Policy, be approved; and

2.         the Prudential and Treasury Indicators for 2019-2020, set out in Appendix A, including external borrowing limits, be approved.


Approval of Revenue and Capital Budgets 2019-2020 - Resources Portfolio Holder pdf icon PDF 132 KB

To consider report F7/19 of the Director of Finance which sets out the revised revenue budget for 2018-2019, the proposed revenue budget for 2019-2020 (the ‘Budget Requirement’) and the proposed capital budget (2018-2023 Capital Programme) for the approval of Council.  These are based on recommendations to Council by the Executive at its meeting on 22 January 2019, plus changes required for priority actions and, where appropriate, changes agreed at the Executive meetings on 22 January 2019 and 5 February 2019 and elsewhere on this agenda.  In addition, to consider the formal advice of its Chief Financial Officer on the robustness of the estimates included in the budget and the adequacy of the reserves.


1.            the Council’s revenue budget in 2018-2019 be a net cost of services of £8,338,275 a contribution from reserves of £778,150 (section 3.5);


2.            the Council’s revenue budget in 2019-2020 be a net cost of services of £8,720,684, with a deficit of £1,026,688 made up as follows (section 3.6):


Budgeted Expenditure


Growth (See appendix B)



Less: Council Tax (0% increase)


Add: deficit on Collection Fund


Less: Rural Services Delivery Grant


Less: Business Rates Retention Scheme


Less: New Homes Bonus




3.            the Council’s Budget Requirement (inclusive of local precepts) be £8,790,858 in 2019-2020 (section 3.6);


4.            the Council’s Council Tax Requirement (inclusive of local precepts be £5,029,322 (section 3.6); and


5.            the Council’s capital budget for 2018-2023 be £11,523,000 (section 3.7).


Proposed Calendar of Ordinary Meetings 2019-2020 pdf icon PDF 67 KB

To consider report G5/19 of the Deputy Chief Executive which seeks Members’ provisional approval of a calendar of meetings for the 2019-2020 municipal year.


1.            a draft calendar of ordinary meetings 2019-2020 be approved;

2.            all Members and Standing Deputies of the Planning, Licensing and Accounts and Governance Committees be required to undertake full training prior to the first meeting of the respective committees; and

3.            the definitive Calendar of ordinary meetings, together with dates for Portfolio meetings, be presented to the Annual Meeting of Council in May 2019 for verification.

Additional documents:


Allocation of Seats on Committees pdf icon PDF 71 KB

To consider report G24/19 of the Deputy Chief Executive which seeks to make an appointment to the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee for the remainder of the 2018-2019 municipal year following a request by members.

RECOMMENDATION that Councillor Robinson be appointed to the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee in place of Councillor Ladhams for the remainder of the 2018/2019 municipal year.


Additional documents:


Senior Management Review Update - Leader Portfolio Holder pdf icon PDF 73 KB

To consider report CE6/19 of the Chief Executive which provides an update on the implementation of the revised Senior Management structure as agreed on 10 January 2019 by Council.




1.            Members note the appointment of officers to the revised Senior Management Structure;

2.            Members approve the termination of employment which arises from the appointment and redeployment process of which details are contained in the private and confidential report on this matter;

3.            Members designate the Assistant Director Finance, Peter Notley as the Council’s Chief Finance Officer (Section 151), effective 15 February 2019;

4.            Members designate the Assistant Director Governance, Lisa Tremble as the Council’s Monitoring Officer, effective 15 February 2019;

5.            Members approve the designation of the Senior Legal Adviser, Paul Foote as the Council’s Monitoring Officer for the anticipated period of absence of the Assistant Director Governance until her return to full time duties; and

6.            Members note the setting up of a sub-panel of the HR and Appeals Committee to interview and appoint the Director of People and Place.


Date of Next Scheduled Meeting

The next scheduled meeting of Council be confirmed as 7 March 2019.


Exclusion of Press and Public

To consider whether, in accordance with Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972, members of the public (including the press) should be excluded from the meeting during discussion of the following items of business on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraph 1 of Part 1 to Schedule 12A of the Act.


Senior Management Review Update

To consider an addendum to report CE6/19 of the Chief Executive.