(Budget), Cabinet - Tuesday, 18th January, 2022 6.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber, Town Hall, Penrith

Contact: Members Services 

No. Item


Apologies for Absence



RECOMMENDATION that the public minutes Cab/70/12/21 to Cab/78/12/21 of the meeting of the Cabinet held on 21 December 2021 be confirmed and approved by the Chairman as a correct record of those proceedings (copies previously circulated).


Declarations of Interest

To receive declarations of the existence and nature of any private interests, both disclosable pecuniary and any other registrable interests, in any matter to be considered or being considered.



Questions and Representations from the Public

To receive questions and representations from the public under Rules 3 and 4 of the Cabinet Procedure Rules of the Constitution



Questions from Members

To receive questions and representations from Members under Rule 5 of the Cabinet Procedure Rules of the Constitution



Development Management Review pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To consider Report No. DCE04/22 of the Assistant Director Development, which informs Members about the recent peer review of the Council’s planning service carried out by the Planning Advisory Service (PAS) attached at Appendix 1. The recommendations from the review are set out in full in Appendix 2 along with the Council’s response to them which forms a plan to deliver related improvements. The financial implications of the plan are also set out for Members’ consideration and approval.




1.            the report’s findings and the recommendations be noted;


2.            the action plan in the attached Appendix be approved; and


3.            Cabinet endorses the costs of implementing the proposed action plan set out in paragraph 6, and recommends their inclusion in the Medium Term Financial Plan subject to Council approval. 


ICT Shared Service Contract pdf icon PDF 142 KB

To consider Report No. DoR02/22 of the Interim Director of Resources.


Local Government Reorganisation will result in the activities of both Eden District Council and South Lakeland becoming the responsibilities of the new unitary council from 1st April 2023.  This will remove the need for the Shared Service arrangement.  Accordingly, South Lakeland District Council will confirm with Eden District Council that the current agreement to provide IT services will not be renewed on its expiry of the 31st March 2023.


RECOMMENDED that Cabinet:


1.    Approve that in light of Local Government Reorganisation (LGR) Eden District Council accept that the IT Shared Service Agreement will not be renewed following the expiry of the current agreement on the 31st March 2023.


2.    Approve that in the event that the Structural Changes Order is not made for any reason or is delayed so as to set the vesting day for the new authorities later than April 1st 2023, that SLDC discuss with Eden District Council an extension of the shared service arrangement to ensure service continuity and enable both Councils to review options for the future delivery of IT services.


Please note: this report will be sent ‘to follow’.


Draft Budget Proposals 2022/23 & Impact on Medium Term Financial Plan pdf icon PDF 1 MB

To consider the attached Report No. DoR01/22 of the Interim Director of Resources, which details the draft Budget Proposals for 2022/23 for consultation and the current Medium Term Financial Plan for 2022/23 – 2024/25.




1.            the implications of the Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement as set out in section 5 of the report be noted;

2.            Consider and recommend the draft Revenue Budget 2022/23 be considered and recommended for consultation as set out at Appendix 2;

3.            the revised Medium Term Financial Plan 2022/23 – 2025/26 at Appendix 3 be noted;

4.            the General Fund and Revenue Reserves movements for 2021/22 to 2025/26 at Appendix 4 be noted; and

5.            the Capital Programme 2022/23 to 2025/26, as set out at Appendix 5 be noted.


Any Other Items which the Chairman decides are urgent


Date of Next Scheduled Meeting

The date of the next scheduled meeting of the Cabinet be confirmed as Tuesday 15 February 2022 at 6.00 p.m.